Sunday, 21 May 2017

Random Quotes

I'm a smart pervert I will never get caught 

I was on a date with a man the other day 
He called me gay 
So I punched him in the face ! 

No one dies a virgin 
Life fucks us all in the end 

You disgust me 
But you turn me on at the same time 

My penis is quite perfect 

Hes a little Asian 
But not massively that Asian 

Why are bling people drawing pictures 
If they can see 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Guest Blog From LGBT Author Richard Gough-Buijs

Allow us to introduce Richard
One of the first of many stall holders
at this years Pride event in Eastbourne
As an LGBT man
He is married with his dog
and is a self published author
All of Richards details can be found on this page
And his website link is at the bottom of the blog
Don't forget to come say hi to Richard
on the day
and have a look at his books

My name is Richard and I love writing, cooking, traveling, visiting art galleries & museums and theatres. I also like socialising with family and friends. I’m a coeliac and a house elf.
Oh, and before I forget, I also work part-time.
I’m married to Michael and we got a Miniature Schnauzer called Buster.

I started writing in 2011.
The idea for the first book was conceived just three months after Michael and I wedded.
Our wedding was a beautiful, romantic, special and loving day which we spent together with our beloved family and friends.
A wonderful and colourful memory.
It took us a year to plan it.
We did have to consult many different sources to organise our wedding and we were successful in finding all the information which was essential to us. But it would have been less time consuming if all of this information was available in one overview, in one handy book. That’s how the idea for my first book Ooh Yes I Do! was born.
I thought Ooh Yes I Do! would be my first and last book but the addition of a Miniature Schnauzer to our household inspired me to write more books about Buster’s exciting life, his life with his daddies and all their friends.

Everyday Buster meets new dogs & new people and everyday is a new adventure. Ooh Yes I Woof! the adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer is a fantasy-story based on the real life of our Miniature Schnauzer’s first year.
In this book Buster tells you about his exciting adventures with Tracie Heart and the Red Speed Demon, Master Guru George, the white miniature schnauzer Otto, the Holland House and an afternoon tea with the … Queen!
In 2017 I self-published the Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book and culinary adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer. The book is a fun and family-friendly book containing 40 easy made recipes for dogs to make at home and the culinary adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer.

i am proud to have partnered with the website
a new website selling baseball caps as its a new site please help support this new LGBT organisation.
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fucking Grow Up

You sit up in this ivory tower 
thinking your better than the rest of us but believe me 
It's strange how perceptions can change of people overnight 
Although I haven't know
you long you really have turned out to be quite a douche.

Twisting words and breaking friendships
that's what your good at put that in ur CV 

If you have a perception or an opinion about someone
just say it to them don't go round
like a fucking idiot telling it to everyone else
thinking I wouldn't find out 

I'm fed up with having to be quiet
and not saying how I feel all the time 
I don't care who I upset 
And if I offend you so be it 
No skin of my back 
I am old enough to have my own opinion
and say about things going on in my life and the world 

Rant Over 

P.S Fucking Grow Up

i am proud to have partnered with the website
a new website selling baseball caps as its a new site please help support this new LGBT organisation.
Can be used anywhere and shipped globally 
use the promo code 
if you buy any merch take a pic and tweet me @shalbhuber 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Guest Blog Post [Laser Technology]

It's never too late to achieve your dreams

Allow us to welcome Brenda a new local business
To Eastbourne, she is sponsoring and having a stall at the Pride this year so if you would like to speak to Brenda about any treatments or any questions at all
All her details are on here
Call her
Email her
Check out her website

I was born and grew up in Liverpool during the 50s and married at 21, had a daughter, then made my first leap and moved to Canada.
I lived and worked there for many years.
I remained a stay-at-home mom until my daughter was a teenager.

I then went back to school full time and achieved my Advanced Aesthetic Diploma. Armed with my new qualifications, I opened ‘About Face Aesthetic’ in Sarnia, Ontario which became an extremely successful business, with a thriving client base.
Five years later, I was asked to join forces with a local plastic surgeon called Dr Kenneth Dickie, who, with his lovely wife Shawnie, introduced me to the fascinating world of lasers. I worked alongside them for several years until they moved to Alberta.

I started a new business, ‘About Face Laser & Medical Aesthetics’ and during my first year of trading won the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award presented by the local Chamber of Commerce. My clinic began to grow. I brought a doctor on board who specialised in laser & injectables and he encouraged me to purchase an advanced medical laser called the Fotona SP Dynamis. 
Fotona is the oldest laser company in the world; they manufacture in Slovenia and their technology and research is the most renowned. They simply produce lasers and nothing else, thereby ensuring their technology is completely dedicated to developing lasers to the highest standard.

As I already had a love of laser technology, I attended their classes in Slovenia. I am passionate about my work and over the past seven years I have attended eight training sessions to ensure that I am always completely abreast of any improvement, new ideas or technological changes.

Every year Fotona host a medical congress and invite their users, doctors and specialists from all over the world, and give updates on their case and research studies. I absolutely love it because every year they introduce new, innovative and amazing uses for laser. 

In May 2015 I made a huge life-changing decision. I wanted to move back to the UK so I sold my house, my clinic and my Canadian business, which, I’m pleased to see is still thriving as its new owners have the same passion about laser aesthetics as I do.

The first thing I did upon arrival in the UK was to purchase a brand new Fotona SP Dynamis Laser and as soon as I was settled in my new home town of Eastbourne, I started my new business, ‘About Face Laser and Body.’ 

I love Eastbourne, the people I have met have been fantastic. I have already become a member of the Chamber of Commerce with whom I am very impressed. I would recommend any aspiring business person to join and take advantage of their friendliness and service to the business community. 

I have opened my new clinic, based at Physio Plus, and offer a vast range of both regular and specialised treatments.

Please do come in, see me and take a free, no obligation, half hour consultation. You will be pleasantly surprised!


About Face 
18 Gildredge Road
East Sussex 
01323 430803