Sunday, 5 June 2016

Family Holiday Dorset May 2016

So today is day one of the family holiday to Dorset 
We are staying at shore field country park 
In Milford on sea in the new forest 

is the start Of the week 
We left Eastbourne at 1pm and it is a 3.5hr drive to the new forest 
With a little pit stop for lunch we made it there by 5.15 pm 
Where we awaited on the arrival of my brother and his wife 
And my aunt and uncle and my cousin 

Once everyone was here we unpacked and settled in 
then we 'headed to the club house 
For dinner then back to the lodge for some games and sleep 

we got up early had breakfast and headed 
To Bournemouth where we were meeting friends for lunch 
We had a look around some shops but we couldn't find nothing to buy 
So we came back to the lodge for the afternoon and settled in for some 
Family fun games of cards and board games 

was a day of rest lol 
We were meeting up with my other aunt and uncle 
who live in Dorset and we had a big annual lunch 
Which we do every year 
Then we came back to the lodge 
For tea and snacks and they left around 7pm 
Where we settled in and had some quality family time around the table answering quiz questions 

My aunt and uncle had to leave as they had work Tuesday 
But before they went we went to Mudeford Quay in the morning 
Then headed to Christchurch for lunch and the afternoon 
Before we said goodbye to the others then we came back to the lodge 
And decided to hit up the club house and see what entertainment they had on 
It was a very entertaining evening 
Cash prize bingo 
Party dances & a fun adult music quiz 
Which we won 2 prizes 

We visited the witchly olde worldy village of Burley 
Where witch craft was still practiced until the 1950s 
We had lunch in The Burley Inn 
Which was really nice and the pub was beautiful 
We spent the day looking round then headed back 
To the lodge for the evening 
We went back over to the club house in the evening for the cash prize bingo 
Which was a staggering £160 woooooooooooooo

Wednesday was a quite day we went to the market in Milford on sea 
Which was nice we came back from the market and had a BBQ at the lodge 
Then chilled in the hot tub for the afternoon 

Was a very chilled day as we were home on Friday 
We visited highcliffe castle it was spectacular 
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