Monday, 9 May 2016

Exercise In Style & Comfort The @Chaffree Way

The So a few weeks ago I saw this tweet 

An as ever the optimist I thought I would give it a response 
And with luck the company got in touch and sent me a 
Pair of their men's boxer shorts to try out 
Now as most of you know 
I am currently in week 10 of my weight loss journey #SlimmingSaturdays 
and starting to 
Incorporate a exercise routine into my journey.

Now I walk ever where as it is
So I saw these and thought I would give it a go 
As a larger gentleman to find a product that claims 
To help reduce  
Skin irritation 
And chaffing then I was all in 

I received the product and for the last week have been trying them out in 
Day to day tasks and exercise and 
And This is my review 
And let me tell you it has a happy ending 

The Chaffee products are for men and women so 
Guys and girls this is a review for both sexes 

It's that classic line 
It does exactly what it says on the packet 
The boxers are light weight and really really stretchy 
They feel great and comfortable to wear and 
When you take them out the pack they look quite small 
But once they are on the stretch to an immense size 
which shocked me 
As the are latex free 

So I have been wearing the product
For the last week and I can safely say that exercise and getting fit 
has literally taken a turn for the good in my books 
It can feel awkward and uncomfortable 
When you start to exercise as a big person 
but wearing these 
Have been such a great help to me 
When exercising before my normal underwear 
has left me feeling sore and roar but 
These have changed everything 

So I would like to thank the kind people at Chaffee for this product 
and I will defiantly be buying some more 
And I recommend anyone 
Whether they are plus size or normal size 
Or what ever correct term people are using nowadays 
To try these 
Go visit the website

Read up about them and see for yourself 
And if you are a fellow blogger get in touch with them 
Tell them I sent you and you might get a free pair to try yourselves 
Now I was going to put so ghastly pics of me wearing them but 
Believe me no one wants to see that 
So here are some pics of the products and the packaging