Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The IPA Ale Tale Challenge

So today's post is a Christmassy themed post 
I was invited to write a blog post For Greene King 

So I went to my local Greene King pub and 
Sat down to chat with some of the locals 
about the pub 
What brings them here 
And general stuff about there day 
I visited the Dew Drop Inn 
In Eastbourne 

So here goes 

Me. So guys what brings you to the pub ? 
D. Well I come here as its my local and I have been using the pub 
Since I turned 18
R. I use the pub to meet friends and colleges after work 
Me. So you guys work together ? 
D. Yeah we do. 
Me. Ok that's, so we won't say where you work but I presume it's local to the pub 
D. Yep
R. Yep 
Me. Good stuff 
Me. So the purpose of this piece is to find out what brings you to the pub 
And stories of the pub you can share with me ?

I should add at this point that we have all just started drinking our beers 
I could sit here and describe the beer but 
It's a nice tasting IPA 

D. So I have been using the pub for a long time 
The pub has a great atmosphere and always has nice bar staff behind the bar when you come in, also it has a great weekend scene and is part of the 
as it is referred to in the town it's in a good circuit of pubs 

R. Yeah I like coming here after work and on the weekends 
They have live entertainment on and it's open till late 
Plus it has a really good smoking area out the back.....
D. And the food here is really good 
It's the best burgers in town 

Me. When I was told this 
I did order a burger they had special on for 
A Christmas themed turkey burger 
Here's the picture 
It had turkey 
Cranberry sauce
Sausages wrapped in bacon 
And a yorkie pud with gravy 

Me. So what else can you guys tell me ?

R. Well the pub has a very oldie worldie feel to it 
With a roaring open fire place and lots of old decor 
And mismatch furniture 
whilst being in a central part of town which gives it some character 

D. And also the pub is not cheap 
(He said with grimace on his face)
But it keeps the riffraff out which makes it a better environment 
R. The gents toilets are filled with comic strip wall paper as decoration 

Obviously I had to check this out and it was pretty amazing 
An old style 1950s comic and newspaper pages 
It is worth a look 

Me. So what else can you guys tell me about the place ?
If I was reading this article what would you say to entice me to come into the pub?

R. Well all I can say is that after a long day at work 
It's nice to come somewhere you can relax and chill 
The atmosphere is always nice and in the winter the fire is always on which makes it very nice and everyone is so friendly 
There is always someone to talk to in here 
D. And it has a giant metal Buddha head statue hanging from the ceiling ....

Me. What?
So I got taken round to the back of the pub where in the skylight 
There is a giant sculpture handing from the ceiling 

D. Also there is always big themed events on here 
Where everyone gets involved 
Themed discos 
Fancy dress nights 
Live music
Djs on the weekends 
And all the big dates like 
Halloween, Christmas, Easter, St Patrick's day, 
Are always a great time to come to the pub 

So I sat chatting with guys for a couple more hours 
It was such an interesting place and 
Ended up getting into a group for the evening and had a great night in there 

I would like to thank Ryan & Dan for there comments and spending some time talking to me and telling me about the pub 
If you would like to visit the pub 
And your in Eastbourne the address is 
Dew Drop Inn, 
37-39 South St, Eastbourne,
East Sussex
BN21 4UP

Don't forget to drink responsibly at this time of year 
And have a safe Christmas and New Year everyone