Thursday, 29 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 10

So day 10 of the trip consisted of getting up bright and early and ready to take 
An adventure to Yellow Stone park 
Now I'm not gonna lie 
I was expecting it to be a little better but the weather was horrible 
It was raining cold and foggy and visibility was really poor 

We hit old faithful and waited for it to erupt which was nice to see 
After that we hit the 
Prismatic hot springs 

Which you couldn't really see due to the whether 
But I can say I have been and visited it 

I saw some elk a bison and some mountain goats but 
No bears at all 
Which I was very upset about 
But the season finishes next week and most of the park was closed 
Everything closed 10th October 
Only a few bits were open when we got there 
And it all closes on 4th anovmeber for the winter 
So if ur going to visit make sure it's between May and September 
But then the place will be packed as 40 million people visit it a year 
Like us if ur driving 

Don't go through the south entrance as it cost $50 to enter 
If you pick the north,east, or west entrance it's only $30 
The ole ride around the park is the best part of 100 +miles 
So make sure you have enough gas as 
There is only I gas station in the park 
The rest are all outside the park 

From here we left the park and are heading to Salt Lake City 
Where I am hoping to meet up 
With Aimee and Tyson 
Some fellow youtubers 
Which will be nice 
Any way 
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Saturday, 24 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 8&9

So day 8 & 9 
We're very simple days we spent the 2 days driving 
Literally across the Midwest of the USA 
We drove through 
South Dakota 

We stopped in 2 nice little places overnight 
Cedar Rapids in Iowa 
And Rapid City In South Dakota 
The trips were dull and boring as it was 700 miles one day of corn fields
Then and other 700 miles of desert and mountains 

Don't get me wrong the second day was beautiful as we reached our destination 
I visited Mount Rushmore 

It was found by accident I didn't realise we were any where near it 
Until we saw some signs for it so it was a bit of an added bonus 
Stopped of and took some pictures and 
It is pretty spectacular 
Like the Empire State Building the construction of 
it was done during the Great Depression of 1928 
And it was completed in 1941 
From there we drove across the state in some mountains where 
I took some breathtaking photos and saw some amazing views of lakes and even a double rainbow which was amazing 

From there we ended up in a little town called 
Jackson Hole in Wyoming 
And what a town it was 
Full of charm and old town feel 
With a modern twist 
We stopped in The a million Dollar Cowboy Bar 

And had a drink
Then we hit 
The Silver dollar Bar where we had some food 
And then hit a few more saloons before heading back to the motel for the evening 
So that was the last 2 days 
We set up camp in Jackson as it is a 40 minute drive to yellow stone park 
Which is tomorrow's adventure 
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I'll see you all tomorrow 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 7

So day 7 of the trip
We left Toledo and headed to Chicago 

It was quite a drive but worth it 
We got to Chicago at about 2 pm 
We parked up at the Navy Pier and had a walk around it looked in the shops and stuff
We then headed into Chicago and had a walk around the bustling city 
And try to find a piece of a proper Chicago pizza 

We spent only a couple of hours in Chicago as the traffic 
Was crazy and the roads were nuts 
We decided that from today we needed to drive 
As much as we could over the next 3 days as we had 
a 20 hr Journey across USA if we was to reach Yellowstone Park in time 

#StepheninUSA Day 6

So day 6 of the trip 
We got up a little worse for ware 
And headed to met reed for breakfast 
At a nice little place called sweet-ness 7
So we had breakfast and caught up with reed as it was the last day I would see him 
He is such a great guy and everyone should go 
Bug him on social media 

From there we drove back to Niagara Falls
And we crossed the border in Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

We stopped the other side and took some more pictures as you can see
The falls a little better from the Canadian side 
It cost $3.50 to cross in the car 
And a passport check at the border 
Luckily there was not many people crossing on a Saturday 
But there can be you can park the car up and walk across 

Once we did the sights we drove to 
A little place called Niagara-On -The-Lake 

As recommended by my aunt and uncle 
And it did not disappoint 
It's a 12km drive from the falls but 
You have to visit it 
It is so beautiful 
Full of pretty massive houses all rangin from 400k to 1million dollars 
And the town is like a little hamlet of shops boutiques and bars and coffee shops
Full of charm and old town rurals it WA like going back 100 years 
With a 21 century twist 

From there we decided to head to Toronto 
But half way we stopped and handed back across Canada 
To hit back the United States in Detroit 
The weather was bad and they were expecting snow 
so we didn't want to get caught up in it 
Strangely enough every town we drove through had an English name 
Like London 
Oxford and so on 
It was like driving round the M25 lol 

So we got back into the US 
And headed to Toledo for the evening 
We was going to stop in Detroit 
But the motel was fully booked 
We got to the motel and settled in for the evening 

That was the end of day 6 
Hope you are all enjoying the blogs 
See you all tomorrow 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 5

So day 5 of the trip 
We started the day bright and early 
We headed out for a nice breakfast in downtown buffalo
There wasn't really much in downtown buffalo
So I won't recommend going back there but it's a good stop of point as today 
I was heading to Niagara falls 

now a lot of people say that the US side is not as beautiful 
but I think it is 
We walked around and got some amazing shots and videos 

We walked over the falls and decided to 
Take the excursion to 
Cave of the winds 
Where you go down to the bottom 
Of the falls where the tour ends at the Hurricane deck 
Where the water falls so fast and it's so windy that
 it is the same as being inside a hurricane 
And believe me I videoed it and you can see the video here 

It was so loud and wet 
They make you take ur shoes off and give you flip flops 
To wear and a massive rain proof poncho 
But it is pretty impressive and well worth the visit if you get the opportunity to do it 

So after some more exploring we headed into uptown buffalo
Where I was going to meet up with a fellow youtuber 
Mr reed Bentley 

We went to the motel and checked in for the afternoon 
And got ready to go to AllensTown 
A little part of buffalo 
It was such a nice place 
Full of bars and restaurants and coffee shop 
A great little bohemian getaway 
Full of craft stores antique stores 

That evening Reed took us out and showed us the sights 
We stopped at the Blue Monk Bar 

Where we had dinner 
I had SuaerBraten a dish of 
Pork dumplings and red cabbage 

Omg it was amazing 
The bar is famous for having 30+ different ales on tap at any time 
From all over the world 
We sampled a few of them and they were all pretty good 
A few bad stouts but overall very good 
After this the night stared to get a little messy and foggy 
We went up and down the road visiting bars and pubs 

We met up with some of reeds friends 

To where we ended up clubbing and meeting up with some many people 
And a wedding party from England to which we got involved and 
Had a smashing evening 

Cut to 3:30am and were in a taxi going through 
A McDonald's drive thru getting breakfast before heading be to the motel 
Let's just say the night ended there 

See you all tomorrow 

#StepheninUSA Day 4

So day 4 of the trip 
Started of with some breakfast and shopping 
In Baltimore by where James lives 

Today was gonna be a nice easy day 
as we had a 7 hour drive upstate 
To buffalo 

We chilled for the rest of the morning 
Then filmed a cooking video for James 
Channel which was great we made 
Halloween bark 
Apparently it's a thing over here in the states

So we set of a 2:30pm on a drive up states 
It was a long drive we had a stop half way in 
A little town called Mansfield in New York State 
The trip was very scenic and beautiful 

We made it to the motel for about 10pm 
And settled down for the evening 
It had been a long day and ready for some sleep 

Speak to you all tomorrow 

Friday, 16 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 3

So day 3 of the trip 
We arrived at James at about 10am 
We went to Washington, D.C. For the day and saw all the sights 
The first stop was the important one 
We went to the White House 

We saw it from the front fist and let's just say it wasn't very impressive 
As it literally just looks like a house 
But as we walked around the building you see the 
White House from he back then that's when you see the lawns and 
The Oval Office and the fountain 
And the legendary balcony which you see in all the films 
So make sure you see it from the back 
After the White House 
We walked through DC to the Washington monument 

Then to the Abraham Lincoln memorial 


the Korean war memorial 

We then headed back into the city of Washington 
And found a nice little bar where we had a little rest and a drink 
before heading back to Baltimore where we was going out for dinner 
At the inner harbour 

The meal was really nice and we 
Went round some bars and had some drinks then got back to James at 2am 

I stayed up a few hours and edited some videos 
Ready to go up on the channel 
Thanks for reading 
And don't forget to keep up to date 
With all the adventures on my social media sites 

See you all tomorrow 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#StepheninUSA Day 2

So day 2 of the trip started of 
A little bit fuzzy as we sat up in the hotel bar 
Till very late drinking the bar mans special cocktails 
which were very strong 
Here's the link to the video

We were leaving New York today and heading to the airport 
To pick up the rental car 
For reasons which I can not talk about yet 
Let's just say it didn't go too plan 

We picked up the car and heading out state to Philadelphia 
We got there about 3 pm and had a couple of hours in Philadelphia 
We went round and saw the sights 

We climbed the famous steps that sylvester Stallone climbed 
In the iconic film Rocky 

From there we  
Took the drive down to Baltimore 
Where for people that know him we are going to stay 
With James from the YouTube channel fun foods 
From there we will be heading into Washington, D.C. 
And doing the full tour of the city 
Seeing all the sights 
Including the White House 
And plus it's my birthday tomorrow 
So we will be celebrating it some how 
I don't know how but it will be good as James is amazing 
And someone who I class a ps a really good friend 
Considering I've only met him twice in my life 

So we arrived at the motel we were planning to stay in 
And there was a little bar and restUrant near to it 
So we thought we would check it out 
We finished out drinks so quickly 
It was what I would say a locals bar 
And the area we was in was for an ethnic minority 
And there was karaoke on 
Now I like a nice karaoke But this was not somewhere I would stay 
So we jumped by into the car 
Went and got some food and then settled back in the motel for the evening 
So tomorrow's blog will be about my trip to Washington, D.C. 
And full of pictures 
I hoe you enjoy and 
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Monday, 12 October 2015

#StepheninUSA DAY 1

So today was day 1 of my American adventure 
We left the lovely hotel at the airport and 
Jumped onto the Q6 bus to are us to the 
E train which bought us 
To Manhattan 
We got of at 63rd & Lexington and hoped into a taxi 
Down to The Roosevelt Hotel on E45 Street 

It is 10:30 am and couldn't check into the hotel till 3pm
So we dumped the bags at the hotel and 
Went out on an adventure for the day 
We headed to Times Square 

On the way the streets were closed due to an amazing 
Street market with loads of stalls of food and clothing 
And all kinds of goodies 
It was amazing 
It ended in Times Square where 
We did the full length and breath of it seeing all the sights 

From there we stopped for a drink in an Irish bar 
Before setting of to scale the Empire State Building 
After getting to the top and going on 
This NY skyline ride in the building 
Which I do not recommend
Especially it you suffer from motion sickness
We got into the lift and made it to the 80th floor 
Where there was a 45 minute wait to get to the observation deck 
But the lady said if you don't mind walking up the 
Last 6 floors of stairs it will be quicker 

Don't let them fool you it wasn't quicker and it was 9 flights of stairs 
And there was 167 of them 
So be warned 
But made it to the top and 
it was a beautiful sunny day and the views were breathtaking   

So that concludes day 1 
Tomorrow we head to Newark Airport to 
Pick up the car and drive down to Washington, D.C.