Thursday, 3 September 2015

Growing Old But Not So Gracefully

Well it's 2:46am and yet again 
due to over sleeping during the day 
I now lay Awake again 
pondering life 
I just watched the film 
21 and over and it makes me wonder 
what I have missed out on in life !! 

Probably not a lot cause 
I have a lot of life experiences that certainly compare with more than what some people have done in their life time but I still wonder 
what I have missed out on 

I don't know whether its because Hollywood glam lives up 
and I'm pretty sure most stories are true 
but I'm sure if they made a movie of my life experiences 
I don't think it would be a best seller but I'm sure it would get a few laughs along the way 
I know I have and I'm sure my friends would say the same, and the people that have been in my life !! 

But anyway back 
to my mid life crisis 

I call this blog title 
growing old but not so graceful 

And it's true 
I'm getting older and I'm 32 this year and I say it all the time but as the date approaches it seems to daunt on me more and more and weighs me down a little bit each day as the big day grows nearer
I'm single 
I'm 31
I have a good job 
I own a house 
And had my own business for 3yrs 
But yet I still feel so blah !! 
I sit and watch 
Fictional people in TV and films and look at them as if they relate to my life but in no way shape or form it does 
but I still do 
Is this the culture and the society we live in that we compare our lives to people on the screens we watch on a daily basis 

Is anyone's lives really that out there and as far reached as advertised 

I'm a coward 
And afraid 
To stand up for what I believe in 

Shocker !!! 

So my mid life crisis continues 
and where do I go from here 
If anyone has any advice 
or a single friend 
that they think I would like then  
Please leave a comment for me !! 

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