Saturday, 5 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl TV Show Review

So today I wanted to write a little post a new TV sitcom starting on BBC 2 this week 
Called Boy Meets Girl
The premise is the story line of the 2 main characters 
Leo ( Harry Hepple ) And Judy ( Rebecca Root )
Who find each other and starts the story of their developing relationship

And Leo is a young lad on a night out with his brother trying to pull some birds 
When Leo is left by his brother 
He finds himself drinking cosmopolitans at the bar when 
This lady appears with a cake for a hen do 
They drink and chat and Leo plucks up the courage to ask her out on a date 

This then leads us to his parents finding out he is dating an older woman 
And the mum played by (Denise Welch) 
Is not to happy about it 
But the dad and other son combo comedy duo 
Is great and a few jokes are tossed backwards and forwards 

We learn a bit more of Judy's back story when she returns home 
And she has talks with her mother and sister 
Who are just as entertaining 
Now I must add by this point I am smitten 

With the show only 10 minutes in and I'm hooked 
It's that kind of story line that 
I want to know what happens next 
Will he turn up for the date 
So it cuts to them at the restaurant where he is waiting 
At the table to arrive and she 
Sits down and they start to talk 

It's one of those scenes that you won't forget 
His brother had made a game for them to play as an ice breaker 
Where they have to tell truths about each other 
This is where she drops the bomb about being born a man 
To where the waiter walks up just as she says it. 
The comedic timing is genius 
Whilst on the restaurant it cuts to Judy's house 
Where her mum and sister sit talking about all her past dates 
And all the men that have left her or skipped out on her and 
It feels heart breaking to think that this could have happened 
As we return to the restaurant 
Judy is coming back from the toilet she asks the waiter where did Leo go 
But in her mind she already knew 
The waiter said he bolted out of here like lighting 

To which she is so unhappy cause they had had an amazing evening 
But just out of shot as she sits down he runs back into the restaurant 
Explaining he had to return a woman's cardigan that she had left 
To which a smile comes across her face 
And a massive smile came across my face too 
Now I have left a few things out cause 
I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet 
But there is some great scenes towards the end of the episode 
There is a walk to the car 
An awkward kiss which is acted out brilliantly 
And the episode ends when he gets 
Back home to his family which are on the couch awaiting his arrival from his date 
To which the end scene is formed and just finished me off 

To summarise 
This show is groundbreaking and geniusly written 
The actors are brilliant and the acting is outstanding 
I was that happy that I tweeted the writer and he responded back to me which is amazing 
@Simoncarlyle on Twitter 

so I had to write a little post about it 
It was one of those shows that had me 
beaming with joy 
Laughing lots there is so many funny scenes 
And genuine feelings for all characters involved 

The show airs on Thursdays on BBC2 
And can be found on BBC IPlayer 
It's only a 6 part series but I can't wait for the rest of the episodes 

Here's the link to the wiki page 

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