Saturday, 19 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl Blog Ep.3

I know. Know 
I'm a day late writing my blog post but 
Work got in the way 
Any way here is my blog for episode 3 of #BoyMeetsGirl 
The premise is the story line of the 2 main characters 
Leo ( Harry Hepple ) And Judy ( Rebecca Root )
Who find each other and starts the story of their developing relationship

So I have just sat down on Saturday afternoon and watched this weeks episode 
It was another great episode this week 
Now if we remember last week both families met for the first time 

And it was quite the entertaining episode 
Leo and Judys relationship is blossoming nicely 
But his parents still have not been told about Judy 
Who used to me a man 

In this episode 
The men of the house have to go into the salon and help out for the day 
While Leo and Judy go on another date to an art exhibition 

Ironically the art exhibition is about transitioning people 
To where Judy tells Leo about the surgery and all the details 
As Leo remarks to the (medical terms) 
For anatomy of the human body 
Still quite entertaining 
She shows him how the operation is done by cleverly 
Using the sleeve of a jacket which in 
Laments terms is actually the easiest way of explaining it 

Cut yo back to the salon Judys 
Crazy mum and sister turn up not to the delight of 
Leo's mam but she gets her own back and makes the dad and son 
do waxing sessions on the mum and daughter which is quite funny 
Bless them 

So Judy and Leo leave the art expo and decide to head off bowling 
As Leo and his brother were going to be doing that any way 
This is Where I feel most transgendered people 
Could relate to one of the most gripping scenes of the show so far 
2 youths start to give them trouble about Judy 

Calling her 'thing' and Leo does not like it one bit 
I think they call it the ignorance of youth 
But words are exchanged and 
Leo's dumb witted side steps forward and says if they say anything again he will hit them 
They did and he didn't 
What happened next was genius 
Judy who we find out later used to be a boxer 
Square knocks one of the boys out 
with the meanest right hook you have ever seen 
To which they run away and leave the bowing laughing 
The touchy moments is the scene after where 
Leo asks in future whether he can be the one 
who sorts of the trouble to which she agrees 
To which I think is nice cause she has never really been treated like a woman before 
That is my interpretation of some of the scenes in the show

I don't know what it is about this show 
Whether it's the writing or the acting 
It all just seems to bring a warm feeling in my heart when I watch each episode 
Whether it's Leo's unknowingly charm and trying to understand the situations or the looks on Judys face when he dies something sweet and affectionate 
It just seems to resonate through the screen 
Add in the comedy of the 2 families out together 
You have a hit tv show 
To which I think it is 
So if you haven't watched it 
Go and check it out 
And if for some reason you don't live in the uk I'm sure 
There are ways in which the program can be viewed 
So we are now how way through the episodes and
I'm dubious to what will happen and how it will never up 
Will they film more episodes or will this just be it 
Who knows ??? 
I need to know ..................

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Want To Start Your Own Website Look No Further

Quick little blog today

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Travellers Guide To My Fav Sites and Apps (Norwegian AirLines &

Travel Plans 
So today has been a productive day 
I have just booked a few more travel adventures 
for November and December 
To Copenhagen And Helsinki 
So if anyone loves there who reads this then defiantly let me know 

I viewed my blog I stats 
And seem to get a lot of page views from 
The country of Brunei so 
If anyone from Brunei reads this post 
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Would love to know more about the country 
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Right now to the post 
I wanted to tell you lovely people 
About the sites and mobile apps that I use for travels 

Now back in January when I travelled to Sweden 
I heard about an Airline Called 
Norwegian Airways
@Fly_Norwegian on Twitter 
They are a low cost airline and 
Provide cheap flights around the world
Flying from all UK airports 
They fly to over 57 destinations from the UK alone 
They even include as far as Los Angeles, Dubai and BangKok
So since joining there reward program 
I have travelled to 
New York
And many more in the future 
If you are looking for lost cost travel 
In and around Europe 
Or looking for places as stop overs then definitely check them out 
There website is easy and quick to use 
The airline is cheap because you are 
literally paying for your seat on the plane 
Then price goes up when you start to 
add bags and if you want to pre book a seat 
or food on the plane but using it for short haul flights you don't need to 
I have booked my USA trip through them and 
With return flights and seats and meals 
It cost less than £450 per person 
It is an absolute bargain 
They also have a great app 

Which allows you to manage ur bookings and 
With the use of technology you can keep all
Your flights and your tickets right on ur phone 
Using it is easy when checking in to flights you scan the QR code 
Given when the flight is booked and aves you carrying 
Loads of pieces of paper about with you 
It's all on your phone or tablet 
It's all really handy and reduces stress levels when travelling all the time 
Everything is in ur hand when you need it 
Link for app 
Norwegian Travel Assistant by Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Next is the mobile app I use to book all my hotels 
That I stay in whilst I am travelling abroad 
Hotel booking and last minute hotel deals . by
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Now I have been using the app 
as it's easy to book whilst I'm on the go 
and again they have a loyalty membership 
which allows you to collect free nights 
at stays in hotels worldwide 

I like the fact that 
All the facts and details are there in front of ur eyes 
The booking procedures are great and easy 
It takes upto 2 minutes max to make a booking 
All hotels come with descriptions and photos 
Reviews and details that you will need to know 
about the hotel or apartment or hostel 
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and even gives lists of things to do in and around where you are staying 

Now there are literally hundreds of sites that people could use 
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

A Visit To The English Market In Cork 🇮🇪

This blog post is dedicated to 
The English covered market in Cork 
It is Europes largest covered market 
And has been visited by celebrities and 
Even The Queen Herself 

Here's the link for the market
I did a video on it but it's not edited yet

create your own website by clicking the link below

The market was opened in 1610
Sonja is a regular in the market 
Now I was thinking like the local market down the high street 
With cheap tacky gifts and nick knacks 
But I was happily surprised 
The whole place is just giant market stalls and stands 
that serve 75% 
Food and drink 
Every stool you visit you are met by a
Pleathera of sights and smells 
All the smells were ok apart from the fish section 

Omg there was sooooo much 
For you Louise Usher they had 

Grass fed Irish beef lol (inside joke) 

in the stands and it was all colourful and vibrant 
Everyone was friendly and talking to people 
It really as something different 

The stools range from 
Butchers,fishmongers, patisseries, cake makers, clothes stalls 
Drink stalks, and souvenir and gift stalls there was fruit and veg a plenty to 
It certainly gives the appeal and the though of 
Amazing he me cooked food and stews 
Being served in the homes around Cork 

I would defiantly reccomend this to anyone as a stop if they are ever in Cork 
And don't eat before you go there as there is food on the go in there 

I had a beautiful hot Cumberland sausage baguette 
With all the trimmings from 
O'Flynns Gourmet Sausage Company for €6 
It was to die for and heavenly 

And being piggy I also bout a mini cheesecake from 
A little stall called Heavens Cakes 
My Instagram post read 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl Blog Ep.2

So today Was Episode 2 on BBC 2 of 
Boy Meets Girl
The premise is the story line of the 2 main characters 
Leo ( Harry Hepple ) And Judy ( Rebecca Root )
Who find each other and starts the story of their developing relationship

So if you still haven't watched chef the first episode 
Where have you been 
Watch out there is spoilers in this 
So Episode 2 did not disappoint and 
Was another great 
Now my last post on this has had over 400 views 
and 110 page likes and comments 
So I'm hoping the picture writing combo works 

Any way 
The family are gathered around the family front room 
On the sofa conversing talking bout dating apps 
The phone rings 
It's just calling for Leo 
But he's in bed so his mum answers the phone 

So she finds out that they are having a 2nd date 
and decide to gatecrash their date 

Now the writing for this part is genius there is some cracking lines 
There is an old school friend in the pub 
Leo's family including brother 
Judys mum turns up then her sister does 

The scary part is I have seen this happen in real life 
That's why it makes such a connection for me 
They sit down for drug his and food 
And Judy and Leo discuss telling his parents about her situation 
To where Leo's dad offers some sage old advice to him 
To which any man should take heed off 

Whilst they are talking Leo's brother gets some advice from his dad 
On the topic of picking up women in bars 
To which more writing is involved 
You kinda get the feel that Keith (the dad) 
Is the wise one with all the knowledge 
And the mum is slowly getting pissed on the bottle of vodka in her bag 

They debate on whether to tell his parents and they both agree to it 
It cuts to the bar and Leo's brother is trying to pick up women 
To which the best chat up line I have ever seen used 
He slides his wallet across the bar 
And says .......
You passed the test 
I left my wallet on the bar to see if you would take it..... 
Something cheesy across those lines 
But it worked and he rushes bk to his dad for some op money as 
He is obviously skint 
But he met a girl in a bar just like his parents did 

Tom Jones then comes on and everyone gets up to dance 
Judy goes up on the microphone to make the big announcement 
But she couldn't go through with it but both 
Of them end up with smiles on their faces 
And the episode finished there 
So they killed meeting the family and sitting down for a meal and drinks 
All with one stone in this episode 
Once again quality writing 
Genius lines and great acting 
I'm just gutted this series is only a short one 
I wish the BBC would maybe pick it up for another season 

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#StephenInIreland Day 3

So today I went on an open top tour bus around Cork
The video link is here 
It's a time lapse video from the open top bus 

The place is pretty spectacular and full of culture and history 
From what I am told the city is still developing 
And growing in diversity 

The open top bus takes 1hr25 and takes you on a tour of 
The whole of cork from the city to the rural parts 
And it boast 18000sqaure meters of greens and parklands 
Which for the largest city in Ireland is pretty amazing 
The trip costs €13 which is a reasonable price 
I visited 
The Enlgish Market which was a rich and wide market 
It's the largest indoor market in Europe and was visited by 
The queen Her majesty herself 
The market was 1st opened in 1610 

The wide range of stalls and kiosks are amazing 
And it's full of everything you could want to buy 
Especially anything to do with food 
Oh my god there was food everywhere 
And it all looked so amazing 
There is awhile blog post coming up on that tomorrow 

You get taken to the main station that connects Cork with Dublin 

Next is Shandon Bells 
The church if St Anne which is famous for having 8 bells
Which first rang on 7th December 1752
This is also know as the Four faced Liar

Next stop was Cork City Gaol (Jail) 
The prison was opened in 1824 and closed in 1923 
Renowned as the Women's Gaol 

A spectacular escape was made from here in November 1923 
Hence why they closed it down 
Out the front of the prison in 3 holes over the door at the top 
Of the building 
These holes are from where convicts were hung in front of people 

Along the route next is UCC (University College Cork)
The campus is large and now expands across the whole city 
But the main site first opened its doors 
Way back on the 7th November 1849 

After this we travel back round the city 
Passed the city hall and back to the start of the tour 
This is such a great scenic tour and I learnt lots of 
Information about the city 
It is defiantly worth the visit 
Below is the link of Cork and what to do 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

#StephenInIreland Day 2

So today was my first full day in Ireland 
I got off the plane and we headed straight out on our first adventure 

Here is the link to the video 

But I am writing my adventure too 
We dropped our bags of at the house and Sonja and the girls 
Told me we were heading straight out 
So we headed to Cobh know as queens town 
Just outside cork 

This is where the last of the tender boats 
were moored that picked up the last 123 people 
that were taking the fateful journey on the RMS Titanic 
The white star offices and docks are located here and the was a 
Centre set up for the titanic centerany year of 2012 

We had the tour around the museum 
Where they had replica copies of cabins and the boats 
And gave the full story of the titanic 
All its facts and figures 
And the fateful journey of the last people 
That were to board the titanic 

We left the exhibition and I picked up some souvenirs 
Later on that day we took the ferry back across and headed back to the house 
The evening was spent in the family house 
we ate dinner and waited for Noaise to come home 
where we sat up watched some TV and 
Sonja filmed me trying to talk Irish from a child's text book 
It was very difficult 

So I headed to bed at about 12:30 
And uploaded 2 videos and write a blog post 
So that was day 1 blog 
Hope you all come back for tomorrow's ! 
On another exciting adventure in Ireland with me